Computer USB help and support

Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope
Reference Questions
 USB Dictionary definition and related links on USB.
Drivers Listing of computer drivers including USB device drivers.
Companies Contact information for USB manufacturers.
CH000137 Is there a USB to serial or serial to USB adapter?
CH000297 General Windows USB troubleshooting.
CH000298 USB devices not working or being detected in Safe Mode or MS-DOS.
CH000601 Does USB 1.x devices work on USB 2.0?
CH000602 How do I determine what version of USB I'm using?
CH000603 What versions of Windows support USB 2.0?
CH000685 How can I connect more USB devices to my computer?
CH001366 How to create a bootable Windows USB drive.
CH001417 How to boot UBCD from a USB drive.
CH001554 How to disable the USB ports.
CH001617 How to enable and disable write protection on a USB flash drive.
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