Computer history - 1901

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Major computer events in 1901

The first radio message was sent across the Atlantic Ocean in Morse code.

Other computer events in 1901

Hubert Cecil Booth received a patent for the first powered vacuum cleaner on August 30, 1901.

Computer companies founded in 1901

The Computing Scale Company of America was incorporated. It includes Computing Scale Company, Dayton Moneyweight Scale Company and Detroit Automatic Scale Company.

Computer company events in 1901

The International Time Recording Company acquired the Chicago Time-Register Co., the first autograph time recorder company, and manufacturer of key, card, and autograph employee time recorders.

Computer pioneers born in 1901

Allen DuMont was born on January 29, 1901.

Enrico Fermi was born on September 29, 1901.

Rudolf Hell was born on December 19, 1901.

Arthur Samuel was born in 1901.

Computer pioneer deaths in 1901

Elisha Gray passed away on January 21, 1901 (Age: 66).

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