How to scroll in MS-DOS or the Windows Command Prompt

Updated: 05/09/2017 by Computer Hope

Windows DOS command prompt windowWhen in a Windows command or MS-DOS window information may scroll so fast it may be necessary to scroll up in the window.

Note: There are no scroll bars in any version of MS-DOS or any version of Microsoft Windows when the command line window is fullscreen (no title bar is not showing). To change between a fullscreen and a window mode in early versions of Windows press the Alt+Enter shortcut key. New versions of Windows no longer support this shortcut key.

Listing files or command output one page at a time

If the reason you're wanting to scroll is because a command such is showing too much output, use one of the examples shown below to show any output one page at a time.

To list files in MS-DOS one page at a time use the pipe ( | ) command in conjunction with the more statement, as shown in the examples below.

dir | more


attrib *.* | more

Also, commands like the dir command, also allow the /p command that displays one page at a time, as shown in the example below.

dir /p