Recovering lost sound in Windows 3.1x

Updated: 04/01/2018 by Computer Hope

Exit to MS-DOS prompt. At the C:\> Type the below commands.

md chbackup
copy system.--- chbackup
copy win.--- chbackup
ren system.ini
ren win.ini
ren win.--- win.ini
ren system.--- system.ini

The above steps will recover the original backup of the system.ini and the win.ini, which are often system.--- and win.---. If you can successfully complete the above instructions, reboot your computer and see if your sound is back. If you are unable to copy the system.--- or win.--- at c:\windows:

dir system.*

This gives you a listing of all files beginning with system. See if system.000, .001, .bak, or .bac is available. Locate the oldest backup and replace --- with the name of the backup, which is located on your computer. You also need to locate the backup of the win.* file.

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