Incorrect Protocol version

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope
incorrect protocol version

Protocol is not installed on the computer

Verify that the protocol is installed on the computer.

Program reporting the error does not have the same version

Verify that the program you are using or game you are playing is the same version as the program or game to which you are connecting. If you are uncertain of the version, update to the latest version of code for that program or game.

This issue is very common on network games, such as Quake 3, Half-Life, Wolfenstein, and Counter Strike. An error such as Incorrect Protocol Version 66 or other number will be seen when the game is not running the most up-to-date version.

Program reporting the error is running on a different OS

It is common that new operating systems running the same game or code are not compatible. This issue can be often resolved by updating to the latest version of code for that program or game.

Network card does not have the latest drivers

Verify that your network card has the latest drivers. Drivers for network cards can be found on our network drivers page.

Protocol is corrupt or bad

If none of the above recommendations resolve your incorrect protocol version issue, reinstall the network protocol.

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