Unable to read floppy diskette

Updated: 01/05/2018 by Computer Hope

Bad floppy or error with diskette

Computer floppy

This issue is most often caused by a bad floppy diskette. Try alternate floppy diskettes in the computer. If other diskettes can be read in the computer is likely a bad diskette.

If the diskette contains valuable information or information that is only able to be found on this diskette, try reading the diskette in another computer. If the diskette works in the computer, there may still be errors on the diskette. We recommend that you copy the contents of the diskette to your hard drive as a backup, and try using an alternate floppy diskette to transfer the information.

Bad floppy diskette drive

If no floppy diskette can be read in the computer, but other computers read the diskettes, run through floppy diskette drive troubleshooting.

Data recovery

If this information is valuable information that cannot be lost and is not stored anywhere else, you may want to consider a data recovery service for lost or deleted files.

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