Unknown PCI device in Windows Device Manager

Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope

This issue is caused when Microsoft Windows does not properly detect the chipset or video display.

Corrupt or missing motherboard or chipset drivers

Download and install the latest chipset and video card drivers. If you or someone you know built your computer, you should have motherboard CD, this CD will contain the chipset drivers. Otherwise, you can find drivers for all the major chipsets on our motherboard drivers page.

Corrupt or missing video card drivers

If installing the latest chipset or motherboard drivers does not resolve your issue make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your video card. A listing of video card drivers can be found on our video card drivers page.

Other PCI device that Windows is unable to identify

If you have tried the above two steps and your Windows Device Manager still contains an Unknown PCI device it is likely that the device cannot be identified.

If you are attempting to install a new hardware device into the computer and know what the device is that is not being identified we suggest you obtain the latest drivers for that device. A listing of drivers can be found on our drivers page.

If you have just finished installing or reinstalling Windows onto the computer and are getting the unknown PCI device, we suggest you manually identify the PCI device through the Registry.

Additional information

  • See the PCI and drivers definition for further information and related links.