Windows STOP: unknown hard error with the ntdll.dll file

Updated: 07/13/2023 by Computer Hope
Microsoft Windows

Below are different recommendations that are known to fix this issue.

Installation of Windows corrupt or bad

If you're getting this issue after installing Microsoft Windows, make sure the CD (compact disc) or DVD (digital versatile disc) verify the below recommendations.

Scratched or otherwise damaged disc

Ensure the disc you're using to install Windows is not scratched or otherwise damaged. Sometimes, a damaged disc can complete the installation but errors encountered during the installation can cause this error. If your disc is damaged, we recommend it be replaced.

Burned copy or illegal copy of Windows

If you're attempting to install Windows from a burned CD and encountering this issue, it may be causing your issue. If the files have not been copied correctly onto the disc, the installation may fail and cause this error. We suggest getting a legitimate copy of Windows.

Hardware issues

Any of the hardware issues mentioned below may cause issues during the installation of Windows and generate this error after the installation.

Reinstall Windows

If you believe any of the above were causing your issue, after correcting the issue we suggest reinstalling Windows.

Hardware related issues

Defective EIDE/IDE cable

Verify your computer doesn't have a defective EIDE/IDE cable by swapping your current cable with a known good one, or purchasing a new one.

Another EIDE/IDE device on the cable as hard drive

Other devices that are on the same cable as an EIDE/IDE hard drive are known to cause this issue (this includes zip drives, CD, DVD, and burners). To help verify this is not causing your issue, temporarily disconnect any device on the same cable as the hard drive. If this resolves your issue, the device may need updated drivers or firmware, or it may be incompatible. Try using on the other EIDE/IDE cable, may not have jumpers set properly, or may be bad.


Improper or out-of-date drivers can also cause this error. Verify you have the latest motherboard, CD, DVD, zip drive, other disk drive drivers. A listing of links to each of the manufacturers for each of these devices is found on our drivers listing page.

When downloading and installing the drivers, verify you're using the correct drivers for the device you have installed and you're using the drivers designed for your processor.