How do I insert a floppy diskette into the computer?

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope
Clear 3.5" floppy diskette

Users who may not have grown up with floppy diskettes in their computer or are new to computers may be confused when first looking at a floppy diskette. A 3.5" floppy diskette has several features that helps identify how it should be inserted into the computer. Below are some general identifications and rules that almost every 3.5" floppy diskette follows.

One way

Unless forced, a floppy diskette can only go in one way. The floppy diskette should slide in easy and when successfully inserted, the ejection button should pop out allowing you to eject the diskette when needed.

Sticker or blank surface

Almost all floppy diskettes have a blank surface or a sticker that allows you to label them. That surface should always point towards the top of the computer when the floppy diskette is inserted.

Write protection tab

The small black write protection tab that can be slid up and down is always on the right side of the floppy when looking at it face up. When the floppy diskette is inserted into the floppy drive, it should be on the left side.

Below is an example of what a 3.5" floppy diskette with a clear case to help show what is inside of the case.

Picture of floppy 3.5" diskette

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