My computer is slow after installing an antivirus

Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope

Antivirus programs and companiesAfter any antivirus scanner has been installed in a computer, it will be loaded into the computer's memory each time the computer boots. Loading the antivirus program into memory helps protect your computer at all times, from any threat.

When any program loads itself into memory, including an antivirus program, it will consume some of the total memory available to the computer. If your computer does not have lots of memory or is already low in memory, this can affect the overall performance of the computer.

Today, most computers have plenty of memory. However, they can still encounter a system slow down as the antivirus scanner is scanning all files on the computer to see if they're infected. You can often determine if an antivirus scanner is scanning your computer, stop the scanning, and change how often and when the scanning should occur by opening the antivirus properties.

To open the antivirus program right-click on the icon associated with the antivirus in the Windows Notification Area (bottom right portion of the screen) and view the Control Center or Properties of the scanner.

For example, AVG users can adjust their scan settings by following the steps below.

  1. Right-click on the AVG icon (AVG icon) on the Windows Notification Area.
  2. Select Launch Test Center.
  3. Within the Test Center, under the Scheduled Tasks, you can adjust how often your scan runs and when. If you want to disable the daily scan, double-click the scheduled task and click Edit Schedule and uncheck the box.

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