Help with the Worms computer game series

Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope

Multiplayer mode issues

Issues relating to multiplayer are resolved by updating the game with the latest software update available through the Team 17 website.

I am not able to play Worms 2

Worms 2 will not work with computers that have 128 MB or more of RAM. If you have 128 MB or more of RAM, see Team17's web page for updated patches.

I am having difficulties with Audio or Video

Refer to our DirectX page for issues related to DirectX and resolutions to them.

I am getting error 112 during installation

Error 112 is caused by either a dirty CD or possibly a bad CD. Ensure your CD does not have any scratches, fingerprints or hair on it. If your CD does have anything on it, refer to the cleaning page for proper methods of cleaning your CD. If the CD looks good, contact the place of purchase or Team17.