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Alternatively referred to as a bullet point, a bullet is an asterisk, black dot, circle, or other mark that is found before the text that identifies key items or other important text. Below are examples of a bulleted text and list.

  • Example of a bulleted text sentence.

A bulleted list or bullet list is a list of items preceded with bullets instead of numbers or other objects. Below is an example of such a list.

  • Item one
  • Item two
  • Item three
  • Item four
  • Item five

Bullet points and a bulleted list are useful to organize information in a list format, making the information easier to read. It is common to see bullet points and bulleted lists in business communications and documents, to provide specific details in an easy to read format.

In Microsoft Word and other Word processors, you'll be given different bullet types and customizations. Below, is an example of the Bullets and Numbering window in Microsoft Word and an example of the different types of bullets that could be used in a Word document.

Bullets menu in Word

Tip: The Microsoft word keyboard shortcut key to create a bullet is Ctrl+Shift+L.

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