Carpal tunnel syndrome

Updated: 12/30/2021 by Computer Hope
Carpal Tunnel wrist brace

CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome), also known as RSI (repetitive strain injury), is the swelling of small blood vessels or nerves, usually in the hands or wrists. This pressure on the nerve disrupts its function, causing numbness, pain, and a loss of manual dexterity. Treatment can vary from splinting the wrist using a wrist brace, drugs, and in severe cases, surgery.

With computers, carpal tunnel syndrome may occur as a user makes repetitive motions on an input device such as typing on their keyboard or using their mouse. Common methods of preventing this injury include purchasing a Natural Style ergonomic keyboard, taking breaks, and doing wrist exercises.


Today, an RSI is the most common job-related injuries in the United States.

What is wrist tendonitis?

Wrist tendonitis is another type of RSI that is an inflammation of a tendon caused by repeated motion or stress. There are several tendons in your wrist that can be affected and often causes swelling of the wrist.

What are some hand exercises I can do?

In addition to taking frequent breaks, you can do the following hand exercises to help prevent repetitive strain injuries.

  • Dangle your arms at your sides and then shake your arms and hands.
  • Gently push back each finger and thumb.
  • Spread fingers apart for several seconds.

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