Computer keyboard help and support

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Reference Questions
Keyboard Keyboard dictionary definition and related links.
Keyboards All dictionary terms related to computer keyboards.
Cleaning Additional information and help with cleaning computer hardware.
Keys Description of each of the keys and symbols found on the keyboard.
 PS/2 - AT PS/2 and AT port help and support.
USB USB help and support.
Shortcuts Where do I find keyboard shortcut keys?
Buying tips Keyboard and other input devices buying tips.
Contacts Contact information for keyboard and input device manufacturers.
CH000232 When booting computer I receive several beeps.
CH000303 USB devices not working or being detected in Safe Mode or MS-DOS.
CH000303 Drink or other liquid spilled into keyboard.
CH000304 Keyboard error at boot.
CH000305 Not all keys on keyboard work.
CH000306 What are the F1 through F12 keys?
CH000383 A20 error.
CH000542 How to move the mouse cursor with the keyboard in Windows.
CH000547 I need computer keyboard drivers or layouts.
CH000735 How do I disable the power, sleep, or wake buttons in Windows?
CH000751 How can I test how many words a minute I can type?
CH000752 How can I improve my typing?
CH000792 How do I disable and enable the Num Lock key at startup?
CH000922 Why are there bumps on the F and J keyboard keys?
CH000949 How do I disable or change the keyboard Windows key?
CH000954 How do I disable or change keys on my keyboard?
CH000955 No keys on my keyboard work.
CH001190 How can I connect a PS/2 mouse and keyboard to my laptop?
CH001241 How do I remove the keys on a keyboard?
CH001242 Can you clean a computer keyboard in a dishwasher?
CH001243 Where can I find a replacement for a keyboard key?
CH001244 How do I remove and replace a laptop key or keycap?
CH001245 How do I fix a broken laptop key or put it back on?
CH001337 Keys on my computer keyboard are repeating.
CH001346 Where should fingers be placed on the keyboard?
CH001389 What is the difference between the del and backspace keys?
CH001468 How do I record keys that are typed into my computer?
CH001516 Differences between the keyboard right and left Shift key.
CH001577 How do I test which key on a keyboard is being pressed?
CH001598 How many keys are on a computer keyboard?
CH001637 How to switch to the Dvorak computer keyboard layout
CH001661 What keyboard key can you press to print?
CH001689 How to use a computer keyboard.
CH001749 How to enter BIOS or CMOS setup without using a keyboard.
CH001802 When was the first keyboard invented?
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