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Cobot may refer to any of the following:

Automated robotic arm

1. In general, cobot is shorthand for collaborative robot. Cobot refers to a type of robot that was created to work alongside human employees. While some robots are intended to replace jobs traditionally done by humans, cobots are designed to assist humans with workplace tasks.

Popular examples of cobots are machines that are remotely operated by humans, like bomb disposal robots and advanced surgical robots. These tasks cannot be completely automated, as they require some level of human intervention to ensure proper completion of the task.

Cobot software logo

2. Created in 2010 by Thilo Utke and Alexander Lang, Cobot is employee management software for business owners. Cobot provides tools for workplace collaboration between employees, including messaging systems, payment tracking, and reminders.

Cobot has a monthly subscription fee ranging between $59 to $829 per month, depending on how many employees the company has. A 1-month free trial is also available.

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