Computer science

Updated: 02/07/2022 by Computer Hope
Computer Science class

Sometimes abbreviated as CS or CompSci, computer science is the study of computers, how they work and basic skills in computer programming. Anyone with a computer science degree has a good understanding of computer software and hardware and skilled in one or more computer programming languages.

How do I learn computer science?

The programming part of computer science is certainly something that can be self-taught. However, unless you can teach yourself high-level math, such as calculus (Lambda calculus), differential equations, and linear algebra, you need to attend a university.

Who is the father of computer science?

Alan Turing is the father of computer science and considered as the first computer scientist.

What jobs are available for a computer science student?

Someone with a computer science degree often gets a job as a programmer and help to create computer software or write scripts. However, once you have a computer science degree, you are capable of working at and applying for most computer-related jobs.

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