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An E- may refer to any of the following:

1. E- is a prefix used to describe anything that is electronic, which is any data or information transmitted over a network or the Internet. For example, e-mail is a word using this prefix to describe "electronic mail," which is mail sent and received over the Internet.

Examples of words using the "e-" prefix


These words are sometimes referred to as a "e-word."

Is the hyphen required after the "e" in all these words?

When describing any of the above words, or any other compound noun, we always choose to use a hyphen. However, many people and style guides prefer the non-hyphenated version of words like "email" instead of "e-mail." Follow the rules of your style guide or if you have no style guide choose one form or the other and be consistent.

Should I capitalize the "e" when using "e-" in my writing?

Unless the word beginning with the "e-" is at the beginning of a sentence it should be lowercase.

2. Electronics can also refer to all the components that make up electronic devices. See our electronics terms for a full listing of electronic terms and components.

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