Fake antivirus

Updated: 10/04/2017 by Computer Hope

Computer VirusAlternatively referred to as a fake antispyware, rogue antivirus, and smitfraud, a fake antivirus program tricks a user into thinking their computer is infected with spyware or a virus. When installed the fake program mimics a scan of your computer and then report several false detected spyware or viruses on the computer.

The format of the fake report is done in such a way that it appears the computer is seriously infected, often showing dozens of infections or pop-up windows frequently warning of infections. If you click repair or fix the program may be asked to upgrade or pay for a better fix, lock your data files, or install other malware or trojans that monitor your keystrokes and behavior.

How do I uninstall fake antivirus programs?

Unfortunately, because these programs are malicious they are intentionally designed to be difficult to uninstall or remove from the computer. However, legitimate antivirus programs and programs like Malwarebytes can remove many of these infections.

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