Updated: 05/21/2018 by Computer Hope

FlameAlternatively referred to as flamage or flaming, a flame is an argumentative or complaint in a newsgroup, forum, or e-mail message that is sent in response to another posting or message. The person doing the flaming is often referred to as a flamer and could be looked down upon in the community if they are not providing constructive criticism.

People who want controversy may make a provocative post also known as flamebait. These types of posts are intended to cause anger and make others want to flame the OP (original poster) and start a flame war. For example, someone may create a post saying how he or she believes a new game that has been recently released sucks and that it is not as good as an older or more popular game. Of course, anyone who enjoys the game will be angry by these types of posts and try to defend the game.

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