HP Support Assistant

Updated: 06/06/2021 by Computer Hope
hp support assistant

HPSA or HP Support Assistant is a free utility on Hewlett Packard computers released after 2012 that helps avoid and resolve problems with the computer using updates and self-help options.

Where is the HP Support Assistant?

The HP Support Assistant is accessed by clicking the blue question mark on the taskbar or, in Windows 8, through the HP Support Assistant app on the Start screen. If neither of these options work, you can also find it by clicking start and typing hp Support assistant. If none of these options work, the program is not installed on your computer and you need to download and install the program.

Where to download HP Support Assistant?

If you have a Hewlett Packard computer released after 2012, you can get the HP Support Assistant from the link below.

Remove HP Support Assistant from the Taskbar

Open the HP Support Assistant, select Updates and tune-ups, click Other settings on the bottom left, and uncheck the Taskbar options in the How would you like to be notified? section.


Disabling this feature prevents you from getting any notifications about updates or fixes until HP Support Assistant is opened again.

Can I uninstall the HP Support Assistant?

Yes. The program can be uninstalled through the Windows Add/Remove programs.

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