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A label may refer to any of the following:


1. In general, a label is a sticker placed on a floppy diskette drive, hard drive, CD-ROM or other equipment that contains printed information to help identify that object or its data.

2. In a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, a label is text within a cell, usually describing data in the rows or columns surrounding it.

3. When referring to a chart, a label is any text over a section of a chart that gives additional information about the charts value. For example, in our pie chart example each section of the pie chart is labeled to give the value of each percentage.

4. When referring to HTML, the <label> tag is used to create labels for items in a user interface.

5. In programming, a label is either a reference point or command used to move throughout a program. See the goto definition for an example of how this may be used.

6. Label is also an MS-DOS and Windows command line instruction used to change the identity of a hard or floppy disk drive.

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