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treasure box with Loot

Loot or lewt is an item or currency "dropped" by a defeated creature in an online game. For example, an NPC (non-player character) in an MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) may drop a weapon that can be equipped and used by the player who killed it.


The rarity of the loot is often associated with the difficulty of the creature being killed. For example, a boss that requires multiple people to kill has rarer loot because of its difficulty.

What are the different loot types?

To help prevent ninja looting on rare items, most games now support different types of looting while in a party. These loot types are for items since gold or the in-game currency is easier to divide among everyone in the group.

  • FFA (free for all) - Often, the default setting that gives the first person in the group that loots a creature the ability to take the loot.
  • Master looter or primary looter - The party or group leader or someone assigned deals with all the loot decisions.
  • Group - The group leader decides the level of rare items that should be rolled. If that level of rare item drops, those who need the item can roll a dice, and the person with the highest dice roll gets the item.
  • Round-robin - Each person in the group takes a turn looting. Realize that while in this mode, it may not be balanced since not every creature drops the same level of loot. In other words, your turn may be to loot a small creature, while someone else may loot a boss that drops better loot.
  • Need before greed - All rare items dropped give each party member a chance to roll a dice or "pass" if they're uninterested. The player who rolls the highest number of dice gets the item.

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