Office button

Updated: 11/16/2019 by Computer Hope
Office button

A button available in Microsoft Office 2007 and introduced with the new Ribbon feature. The Office button is found in the top-left corner of Excel, Word, and other Office 2007 program windows and looks like the picture.

When the Office button is clicked, many of the same options you'd see in the file menu, such as New, Open, Save, Print, etc., can be found. Listed below are the commonly used options found in the Office button menu and their function.

Office button menu functions

  • New - Create a new, blank file in the Office program (e.g., Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint slide deck, etc.).
  • Open - Open an existing file on the computer.
  • Save - Save changes to the currently open file.
  • Save As - Save a new file with a desired file name and to a desired location on the computer's hard drive.
  • Print - Print a hard copy of the currently open document on a printer.
  • Close - Close the current open file.
  • Share - Share the currently open document to other users through the use of OneDrive, by sending through e-mail, posting to a blog. (Named as "Save & Send" in Office 2010.)
  • Options - Change configuration settings for the Office program, including display settings, spelling and grammar check settings, language settings, and the Ribbon configuration.

The Office button was later removed in Office 2010. However, all of the same features can still be found under the File tab.

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