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Pro may refer to any of the following:

1. With sports, a pro or professional is a person paid to perform the sport or with a lot of experience playing the sport. For example, most computer gamers are amateurs, but an e-athlete competing in an e-sport is considered a professional gamer.

2. Generally, a pro or professional is anyone with years of recent experience or training.


Someone who's not a professional may be called nonprofessional or a newbie.

3. When describing someone's actions, professionalism describes someone as polite and respectable. See our computer ethics page for how to interact professionally with people and other computers.

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4. When describing someone's attire or dress, professionally dressed is clothing designed for a professional workplace. Professional clothing may include blazers, button-down shirts, dresses, knee-length skirts, slacks, and suits. Being professionally dressed may also require your clothing to be conservative, you to be clean-shaven, and have any facial or body piercings removed.

What is not considered professional attire?

Clothing that's not considered professional includes denim, dirty clothing, halter tops, leggings, dandles, shorts, slippers, sneakers, sundresses, sweat pants, sweatshirts, or t-shirts.

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