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Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope

Radio buttonA radio button is a circle representing choices in a common option list form in a graphical user interface that typically only allows for one of the options to be selected.

Radio button example

Below is an example of what the radio button looks like in your browser.

Example 1.
Example 2.
Example 3.
Example 4.
Example 5.

In our example, you'll notice you can only select one radio button option.

How to create a radio button on my HTML web page

To create a radio button on a web page, use the <input> tag as shown below. In the example below, we are using the code from the above example of a radio button that creates a radio button followed by the "Example 1" text.

<input name="example" type="radio" value="V1"> Example 1

If you want that radio button to be submitted by a web page visitor, it must be included in a <form> tag that is submitted as part of the form. Typically when submitted it is sent to a Perl, PHP, or Python script that can grab what radio button has been selected and perform the necessary action.

Tip: If you are creating multiple radio buttons and you want to prevent multiple radio buttons from being selected, use the same name attribute for all of your radio buttons but use a unique value attribute. For example, if we used the above code and wanted to create another radio button it would still be called "example" but have a different value.

Note: A radio button can be made to allow the visitor to select multiple radio buttons. However, to prevent any confusion we always suggest using check boxes and not radio buttons if you want more than one option to be selected.

What is the difference between a check box and a radio button?

A check box is always a square box and allows for one or more items to be selected. A radio button is typically a circle and only allows for one item to be selected. If you're creating a list that needs multiple options selected, use check boxes. If you want only one option to be selected and prevent multiple options from being selected, use a radio button.

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