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Report may refer to either of the following:

Illustration: report button.

1. On the Internet, to report is to notify the administrator of a website or application about a problem. On a website that prominently features user-created content, reports are often about harmful posts that violate the terms of service. Reports may also be about a bug that causes certain features to work incorrectly.

Many social networking websites and other popular platforms have built-in reporting features. If there is no reporting option, you may want to consider blocking the user who is causing problems or informing the company using an alternative contact method. A list of computer companies, with contact information, is available below.


2. With fields from business to science, a report is a concise summary distilled from a larger set of data, intended for a specific audience. For example, reports may detail the findings of an experiment or inquiry. Based on the report, a company can make business-related decisions to help increase a companies productivity, reduce costs, or improve revenue.

Typically most reports are done in a word processor, but could be done in any text editor. With expense reports or reports with values that frequently change or that needs a chart, a report is created as a spreadsheet. When a report is completed and needs to be shared with other users or online, reports are most often shared as a PDF.

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