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rs449Alternatively referred to as the EIA/TIA-449, the RS-449 is short for Recommended Standard-449. It is a data standard that specifies the functional and mechanical characteristics of the interconnection between DTE and complying EIA electronic standards RS-422 and RS-423. The RS-449 standard is commonly found in data network communication equipment. Below is a layout of the 37-pin configuration for the RS-449, starting with pin 1 that is located at the top left of the connector.

Pin Signal Source
1 Shield Common
2 Signal rate indicator DTE
3 Unassigned Unassigned
4 Send data DTE
5 Send timing DCE
6 Received data DCE
7 Request to send DTE
8 Receive timing DCE
9 Clear to send DCE
10 Local loopback DTE
11 Data mode DCE
12 Terminal ready DTE
13 Receiver ready DCE
14 Remote loopback DTE
15 Incoming call DCE
16 Select frequency DTE
17 Terminal timing DTE
18 Test mode DCE
19 Signal ground Common
20 Receive common Common
21 Unassigned Unassigned
22 Send data Return
23 Send timing Return
24 Receive data Return
25 Request to send Return
26 Receive timing Return
27 Clear to send Return
28 Terminal in service DTE
29 Data mode Return
30 Terminal ready Return
31 Receiver ready Return
32 Select standby DTE
33 Signal quality DCE
34 New signal DTE
35 Terminal timing Return
36 Standby indicator DCE
37 Send common Common

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