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Example of Township game.

Created by Playrix, Township is a popular farming and city-building simulation game for Android and iOS mobile devices. Players start with a small barn and a piece of farmland. Then, in addition to acquiring more farmland, they slowly build up their town with factories and houses. Later in the game, players acquire an airplane, several train lines, and multiple ships that they may utilize to fulfill orders.

Township functions

The main functions of the game are as follows:

  1. Building your city - By playing the game, you earn coins and in-game currency, which is spent on houses, factories, and community buildings that build up your town.
  2. Farming - During gameplay, you plant various crops that fulfill customer orders, feed your animals, and make other products with the harvested items.
  3. Factories - Players can earn money from their harvest and customer orders to buy various factories. The factories turn harvested items into other items. For example, wheat harvested from the farm can be turned into bread, cookies, and pizza in the bakery.
  4. Trading and social integration - Players can invite friends to play the game. If you are friends with someone in the game, you can request goods from other players to fulfill in-game orders. You can also join co-ops to share goods and compete in regattas.
  5. Pay to Win - While this isn't a must, players can spend real money to buy in-game currency, which gets them various perks quicker than they would by playing the game. Since this is an ongoing game, you don't actually "win" by spending real money but accelerate the growth of your township.
  6. In-Game Games - Players can play several side games to earn in-game currency and other in-game perks.

Where to download Township

Choose one of the following links depending on your device, or find the game in the Google Play Store, iOS App Store, Amazon devices, the Microsoft Store, or the Huawei AppGallery.

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