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In general, a currency is anything that holds value and can be exchanged for other goods or services. For example, money is the most common currency with the dollar, represented with the dollar sign ($), being the currency used in the United States.

Currency formats and symbols

Below is a listing of all world currencies and their associated symbols and a decimal and HTML values.

Symbol Decimal HTML Currency
8371 ₳ Austral sign
2547 &#2547 Bengali Rupee sign
8373 ₵ Cedi sign
¢ 162 ¢ Cent sign
8353 ₡ Colon sign
8354 ₢ Cruzeiro sign
¤ 164 ¤ Currency sign
$ 36 $ Dollar
8363 ₫ Dong sign
8367 ₯ Drachma sign
8352 ₠ Euro-Currency sign
8364 € Euro sign
8355 ₣ French Franc sign
8368 ₰ German Penny sign
8370 ₲ Guarani sign
8372 ₴ Hryvnia sign
6107 ៛ Khmer currency symbol Reil
8365 ₭ Kip sign
8356 ₤ Lira sin
8374 ₶ Livre Tournois sign
8357 ₥ Mill sin
8358 ₦ Naira sign
8362 ₪ New Sheqel sign
8369 ₱ Peso sign
£ 163 £ Pound sign
8359 ₧ Peseta sign
65020 ﷼ Rial sign (only displays on computers with Unicode font that supports the Rial symbol)
8377 ₹ Rupee (Indian) sign
8360 ₨ Rupee sign
8375 ₷ Spesmilo sign
8376 ₸ Tenge sign
฿ 3647 ฿ Thai currency symbol Baht
8366 ₮ Tugrik sign
¥ 165 ¥ Yen sign
13136 ㍐ Chinese Yuan sign
8361 ₩ Won sign

Tip: See our extended HTML page for a listing of other HTML characters.

Change a spreadsheet cell to currency

Excel currency and accountingIn a spreadsheet, you can change the format of the cell to any currency format supported by that program. For example, in Microsoft Excel you can click the currency button (dollar sign shown to the right) in the Home tab and choose from any currency format.

Tip: Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+$ (dollar sign) to change the cell formatting to currency.

Insert currency symbols in other programs

If the program you are using supports extended characters, you can copy any of the above symbols and paste them into your program of choice. Otherwise, insert a symbol from the programs insert option or enter the decimal value as an alternate code. For example, in Microsoft Word and other programs you can hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and enter any of the above decimal numbers on the number pad to enter the symbol. In other words, you could hold down the Alt key and then on the number pad type 0162 to enter the cent symbol. With this example, typing "162" alone gives a different symbol, if this happens with any of the above add a "0" to the front of the number.

Digital currency and in-game currency

Just like currencies that are in the real world, in-game currencies and digital currencies can also have real-life values. For example, in online games like World of Warcraft, people pay real money for in-game currency because of the time it takes to earn the game money.

Other digital currencies, like the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, can be used to purchase real-life goods and services.

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