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Yosemite logo

Released on October 16, 2014, Yosemite is the codename of OS X version 10.10, the eleventh release of Apple's desktop operating system.

Yosemite includes major updates to the UI, including icons and blurred transparency effects, which correspond more closely with the UI of iOS 7 and iOS 8. It features a new JavaScript scripting system called JXA (JavaScript for Automation) that allows Cocoa applications to be written entirely in JavaScript.

Yosemite compatible computers

  • iMac (mid-2007 or later).
  • MacBook (late 2008, and early 2009 or later).
  • MacBook Pro 13-inch (mid-2009 or later).
  • MacBook Pro 15-inch (mid/late-2007 or later).
  • MacBook Pro 17-inch (late 2007 or later).
  • MacBook Air (late 2008 or later).
  • Mac Mini (early 2009 or later).
  • Mac Pro (early 2008 or later).
  • Xserve (early 2009).

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