Gerard Salton

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Gerard Salton

Name: Gerard (Gerry) Salton

Born: March 8, 1927, in Nuremberg, Germany

Death: August 28, 1995 (Age: 68)

Computer-related contributions

  • Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University who was possibly the leading computer scientist working in the field of information retrieval during his time.
  • His group at Cornell developed the SMART Information Retrieval System, which he initiated when he was at Harvard.
  • Salton was best known for developing the now widely used Vector Space Model for information retrieval.

Significant publications

  • A Vector Space Model for Automatic Indexing (1975).
  • Automatic Text Processing (1989).
  • A Theory of Indexing. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (1975).
  • Automatic Information Organization and Retrieval (1968).

Honors and awards

  • ACM Fellow (1995).
  • Award of Merit from the American Society for Information Science (1989).
  • SIGIR Award for outstanding contributions to study of information retrieval (1983).