Hugh Ross

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Hugh RossName: Hugh McGregor Ross

Born: August 31, 1917 in Nairobi, Kenya

Computer related contributions

  • Early pioneer in the history of British computing.
  • He worked on the Pegasus thermionic valve computer in the mid-1960’s.
  • He was involved in the standardization of ASCII and ISO 646. ASCII was first known in Europe as the Bemer-Ross Code.
  • He was also one of the three main designers of ISO 6937.
  • One of the principal architects of the Universal Character Set ISO/IEC 10646 when it was first conceived.


  • George Fox: A Christian mystic (2008)
  • Thirty Essays on the Gospel of Thomas (2008)
  • Jesus untouched by the Church (1998)
  • The Gospel of Thomas (1997)
  • George Fox Speaks for Himself: Texts that reveal his personality (1991)