Jay Forrester

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Jay Forrester

Name: Jay Wright Forrester

Born: July 14, 1918, Anselmo, Nebraska, USA

Death: November 16, 2016 (Age: 98)

Computer-related contributions

  • Computer engineer and systems scientist known as the founder of System Dynamics, which is the simulation of interactions between objects in dynamic systems.
  • In 1944, Forrester began development of an advanced aircraft flight simulator. This simulator evolved to become the Whirlwind digital computer, which was used for the experimental development of military combat systems.
  • While helping to develop Whirlwind came up with the idea of using magnetic core RAM.

Significant publications

  • World Dynamics. Wright-Allen Press (1971).
  • Principles of Systems, 2nd ed. Pegasus Communications (1968).

Honors and awards

  • IEEE Medal of Honor.
  • Howard N. Potts Medal.