Stephen Wolfram

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Stephen Wolfram

Name: Stephen Wolfram

Born: August 29, 1959, in London, England, UK

Computer-related contributions

  • British scientist and the chief designer of the Mathematica software application and the Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine. Wolfram|Alpha is one of the answer engines behind Microsoft's Bing and Apple's Siri (along with Google and Yelp!) answering factual questions.
  • According to Google Scholar, Stephen Wolfram is cited by over 30,000 publications (up to April 2012) and has an h-index of 58.
  • As a boy, Stephen Wolfram was called a young Einstein. At 13, he earned a scholarship to Eton College. At 14, he wrote his first book on particle physics. At 17, the scientific journal Nuclear Physics published a paper he'd written. At 18, he wrote a widely-acclaimed paper on heavy quark production. At 20, he received his PhD in theoretical physics.

Significant publications

  • A New Kind of Science (2002).

Honors and awards

  • Received one of the first MacArthur awards at age 21 (1981).


"So the thing I realized rather gradually - I must say starting about 20 years ago now that we know about computers and things - there's a possibility of a more general basis for rules to describe nature."