CD-ROM, DVD, or other disc tray not opening

Locking device or software installed

First, verify no locking software is being loaded that prevents the tray from opening. If you are unable to determine this, reboot the computer and as it is booting up, eject the tray. If the tray can eject as it is booting, but stops working after loading Windows or your operating system something is being loaded that is preventing the drive tray from opening. This is most commonly software such as a CD burner program that has taken control of the drive.

Bad eject button

If you are running Microsoft Windows open My computer, right-click on the disc drive icon and choose the option to eject. If this ejects your CD-ROM drive tray, the button on the disc drive is defective and it is recommended that the drive be replaced.

No power to computer or disc drive

If you have recently installed a new CD-ROM, DVD, or other disc drive or you have moved the computer, the power cable to the CD-ROM may have become loose or disconnected. Reseat the power cable to make sure this is not the problem.

CD stuck within drive

A CD can get stuck in the drive. Look for a small manual eject hole that is not the head phone jack (similar to what is shown in the picture below). Unwind a paper clip and place one end of the paper clip into the hole to manually eject the CD-ROM tray.

Computer CD-ROM drive

If the CD-ROM drive is only partially able to be opened, pull the tray gently to see if it can be manually ejected. If it cannot be opened any further, it is likely that the gears within the CD-ROM drive have become bad, dislodged, or that a CD is positioned in the drive, which does not allow it to open.

Caution: If you are able to open the CD-ROM drive using a paper clip. We do not recommend that you continue using the CD-ROM drive by manually ejecting the CD-ROM using a paper clip. The drive should be replaced and this is not meant to be used as a temporary solution.

Incompatible interface

If you have an IBM compatible computer and recently installed the CD-ROM drive and are unable to open the drive, temporarily disconnect the IDE cable to verify that you not experiencing an issue with an incompatibility between the CD-ROM and motherboard. Once the IDE cable has been disconnected, power on the computer and see if the CD-ROM drive tray is now able to be opened.

If the drive can be opened with the IDE or ATAPI cable disconnected, use the interface card supplied with the CD-ROM drive or the ATAPI interface on the sound card or motherboard.

Bad drive

If after following the above recommendations you are still unable to properly open the CD-ROM drive using the button on the front of the CD-ROM drive, it is likely defective and should be replaced.

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