Unable to restore computer using restore disc

Restore discToday, many computer manufactures and OEMs (Dell, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, etc.) ship with a a recovery disc or allow you to create one. This disc restores the computer back to how it was when they originally purchased their computer. Using these discs is often easier for most users because all the settings, drivers, and other software is all included on the disk.

Unfortunately, because all manufacturers create their own style of discs, it can make it difficult for third-party support companies such as Computer Hope to troubleshoot. If you are using a restore disc to restore the computer and it is encountering problems and you have tried restarting the process more than once it is suggested you contact the computer manufacturer.

If you are missing your system restore or recovery disc or didn't create one when you first got the computer it is likely you can still restore the computer using the hidden system restore partition.

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