How can I forward an e-mail with an attachment?

EmailAll current e-mail programs and e-mail services should support the ability to forward e-mails with attachments. To do this often only requires that you open the message you want to forward and click the forward button or icon and type any additional information about the message and click the send button.

However, how some e-mail programs and services send and interpret forwarded messages can cause confusion. Often when an e-mail with an attachment is forwarded to another user the user must first open the forwarded e-mail before being able to see the attachment. For example, in Microsoft Outlook 2000 an e-mail message with an attachment would be shown as a small letter icon. Double-clicking that icon would open the message that contains the attachment, which could then be saved or viewed. Otherwise the user receiving the attachment should see the attachment.

If you're encountering issues with another user receiving your attachments try saving the attachment to you computer and create a new e-mail with the attachment and send the user.

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