How do I know how much battery life my laptop has left?

Windows Vista battery power propertiesWindows 7, Vista, and XP users

To see the main battery's available remaining power, hover your mouse cursor over or click on the battery icon located in the Systray. The Systray is located in the lower right-hand corner of your screen (shown in the image to the right of this paragraph. If you can't see it, minimize or exit your full-screened program.

Windows 8 users

You'll need to access the Desktop Environment by pressing the Windows button on your tablet or the Windows key on your notebook. Then, simply follow the steps in the previous section.

Older machines

Some computer batteries have a battery life indicator on the battery itself. Shown in the image below, pressing the button with the finger symbol illuminates the appropriate number of lights to show battery life left, if any.

Computer battery check

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