How do I save an online PDF file to my computer?

PDFSaving a PDF from a web page

By default if a program that reads PDF files is installed on your computer, such as Adobe Reader, each time a PDF file link is clicked that program opens the PDF file. To save a PDF file right-click the link and choose the Save Target As or Save Link As option. Below is an example PDF link that can be used for practice, when this file is saved to your computer it will be known as example.pdf.

Example PDF link

Saving a PDF from the reader

Adobe Reader save iconIn addition to the above steps, if the PDF file is already open or a PDF form is filled out, many PDF readers can save that file within the program. For example, when opening a PDF file in Adobe Reader from a browser a disk icon appears in the top left portion of the page, as shown in the picture. Clicking this icon saves the file.

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