Alt keyboard keyShort for Alternate, Alt is a modifier key located on both sides of the spacebar key on IBM compatible computer keyboards. The picture shows an example of an alt key. This term may also be used to describe a key combination such as the example below.

Ctrl + Alt + Del

The above combination means press and hold on the keyboard CTRL, ALT, and DEL all at the same time to reboot the computer or open the task manager window.

Below are some other commonly used Alt shortcut keys on a Windows computer.

  • Alt + F = Pressing these two keys opens the File menu in an open program.
  • Alt + F4 =  These keys close the open program. To close an open window in a program press Ctrl+F4.
  • Alt + Space bar = Open the Window menu of the program currently open.
  • Alt + Tab = These keys will switch between open programs left-to-right. Pressing Alt+Shift+Tab will reverse the order of switching programs.

Tip: See our shortcut key list for a full listing of all shortcuts.

Tip: Users more familiar with the Apple Macintosh computers can relate this key to the Option key.

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