CD-ROM error codes

Updated: 01/05/2018 by Computer Hope

cd-rom error codesBelow is a listing of what causes CDR 101, 102, and 103 errors when accessing CD-ROM drives. See the CD-ROM help page for other questions and answers relating to CD-ROM drives.

CDR 101


Driver issue or hardware issue.


Boot to a: - Attempt to boot from a boot disk that has CD-ROM support. Test the CD-ROM drive. If the drivers are properly loaded on the diskette, however, you still receive a problem, it's a good possibility it is a hardware issue; attempt to reset the cables.
Check cables - If you have moved or installed anything recently into your computer there may be a loose cable. Open your computer and reseat the cables connected on the back of your CD-ROM drive and connected to your motherboard.
Check drivers - Verify you have the latest CD-ROM drivers.
Booting A: works, however, without diskette it does not work - It's a good possibility that the drivers are not being loaded properly in your autoexec.bat and config.sys.

CDR 102


Caused by software driver issues.


Remove /e from mscdex.exe line.
Set emm386.exe to auto in the autoexec.bat by adding /auto to the end of the emm386 line in the config.sys.

CDR 103


CD does not follow the ISO-9660 standard.


Ensure that the CD is clean. Follow steps on cleaning page.

Extra Information:

If this issue is occurring with one CD, it is a good possibility the CD either does not follow the above standard or that the CD was incorrectly made. It is recommended you contact the manufacturer of the CD. However, if this issue occurs with every CD, it's a good possibility that the CD-ROM drive may physically have issues and it is recommended you contact the manufacturer of the CD-ROM drive.

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