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Dune overview

Dune game box cover art

Type: Adventure
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Release Date: 1992
Developer: Cryo Interactive
Publisher: Virgin Interactive

Dune the video game, is based off the popular book & movie Dune. For those not familiar with the story of Dune, it is about a planet across the universe called Arrakis. The planet contains a spice that expands the consciousness.

The player of the game must visit this planet and take control of the spice production monopoly currently controlled by the Harkonens. During the game, you must collect a set amount of spice in a duration of time periods, fight off the Harkonens, and develop the planet to something never thought possible.

Dune also includes actual footage from the David Lynch film.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows - Apple - Linux

Windows System Requirements
Operating System: MS-DOS 5.0
Processor: Intel 386 20 MHz
Memory: 500 kb RAM
Graphics Card: VGA graphics, 256-color capable
Sound Card: Sound Blaster compatible sound card
Hard Drive Space: 50 KB
Controls: Keyboard & Mouse
Multiplayer: n/a

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