Computer power supply help and support

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Reference Questions
PSU Power supply or PSU dictionary definition and related links.
Power All dictionary definitions relating to power.
APM Advanced Power Management (APM) help and support.
Protection Surge, SPS, and UPS help and support.
Contacts Contact information for power supply manufacturers.
CHADD Additional information with installing computer hardware.
CH000302 Noise from computer.
CH000310 Computer does not turn off.
CH000311 Fan is not spinning in the power supply.
CH000312 No power or computer does not turn on.
CH000313 What should my power supply be set to?
CH000314 How much power do devices take?
CH000390 Is it better to leave the computer on or turn it off?
CH000422 How to install a computer power supply.
CH000585 Additional information about power in different countries.
CH000800 How do I determine how big my power supply is?
CH000802 My computer or computer plug is sparking or smoking.
CH000844 I have a bad power supply should I repair it or replace it?
CH000903 Will a power supply work without being connected to the Motherboard?
CH000999 Is it ok for a laptop to go into standby or hibernate instead of turning it off?
CH001000 How do I disable hibernation mode in Windows?
CH001348 Can a 24-pin connector work with a 20-pin power connector?
CH001466 How big of a computer power supply should I get?
CH001488 Computer powers on and then immediately turns off.
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