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StandbyAlternatively referred to as sleep mode, Standby is a mode the computer, monitor, or other hardware devices enters when idle for too long. This mode helps conserve power when a computer or computing device is not in use without having to sacrifice the time it would take to turn off and on the computer. When in Standby, the computer or monitor has a solid or flashing amber (or another color) light, indicating that there is still power, but the computer is in Standby mode.

What is the crescent moon symbol?

The crescent moon symbol is something that helps represent something you'd see when it is time to go to sleep. This symbol is found on the sleep button found on your computer and may also be a symbol found on a computer keyboard key.

How to put a computer in Standby

To put a computer or into Standby mode, letting the computer sit idle and unused will start the Standby mode automatically. The idle time to let the computer be idle depends on the power management settings for the computer.

For a laptop, there may be a Sleep button at the top of the keyboard (some desktop computer keyboards may have a Sleep button as well) that, when pressed, will initiate Standby mode. If a Sleep button is not available, closing the laptop screen usually initiates Standby mode as well.

How to wake or get out of Standby mode

To resume, wake, or wake up a computer in Standby mode you can move the mouse, press a key on the keyboard, or press the power button once.

Tip: If a computer is in Standby, but cannot be resumed using one of the methods mentioned above, to reboot the computer hold down the power button for 5-10 seconds.

Should I use "standby" or "stand by" in my writing?

When using the word as an adjective, adverb, or noun in your writing, you should use "standby" as one word. If you're describing the Standby mode in a computer, it should always begin with a capital "S." If you're using the word as a verb, you should be using "stand by" in your writing.

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