Computer History - 1966

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Major computer events in 1966

US President Lyndon Johnson signs the Freedom of Information Act into law on July 4, 1966.

Joseph Weizenbaum of MIT writes a program called Eliza, that makes the computer act as a psychotherapist.

Other computer events in 1966

Lawrence G. Roberts and Tom Marill publish a paper about their earlier success at connecting over dial-up.

Stephen Gray establishes the first personal computer club, the Amateur Computer Society.

Robert Taylor joins ARPA and brings Larry Roberts there to develop ARPANET.

The MUMPS, also known as M, programming language is first developed by Neil Pappalardo at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

New computer products and services introduced in 1966

The programming language BCPL is created.

Computer companies founded in 1966

The company we now know as Bestbuy is founded in 1966.

Computer related movies and TV shows released in 1966

The original Star Trek is shown for the first time on United States NBC September 8, 1966.

Computer pioneers born in 1966

Gary McKinnonGary McKinnon is born February 10, 1966

Mark Pincus is born February 13, 1966

David Filo is born April 20, 1966

Jimmy Wales is born August 7, 1966

Patrick Volkerding is born October 20, 1966

Paul Thurrott is born October 29, 1966

Chris DeWolfe is born in 1966

Mike Culbert is born in 1966

Computer pioneer deaths in 1966

Albert HullAlbert Hull passes away January 22, 1966 (Age: 85)

William Eccles passes away April 29, 1966 (Age: 91)

Louis Couffignal passes away in 1966 (Age: 64)

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