How to fix unable to run or other errors with a downloaded file

Updated: 06/30/2020 by Computer Hope
downloaded file error

If you cannot open a file that you downloaded, or cannot run a downloaded executable file, the following steps may help you fix the problem.

Other software, TSR, or background program

Verify that no open software or TSRs are open when attempting to run or open the file. Other programs may cause the file to abort abnormally.

Required utility not installed to run or open file

Verify that the file you are attempting to load has all necessary software to run. Some programs may require additional programs to read or run the downloaded file. Below is a listing of commonly downloaded programs and what is required to run those files.

*.AVI A video file; requires a movie player, Windows comes pre-installed with Windows Media Player, which is capable of playing these files.
*.BMP, *.GIF, or *.JPG An image file; requires an image viewer program to open these files. Most Internet browsers are also capable of opening these files.
*.EXE These files should run automatically and require no other additional software.
A video file; requires a movie player, such as QuickTime, to play these files.
*.MP3 or *.WAV An audio file; requires an audio program, such as Winamp, iTunes, or Windows Media Player, to play these files.
A Real Audio file; requires Real Audio or Real Player.
*.ZIP, *.RAR, or *.ARJ A compressed file; requires a third-party decompression utility to access the contained files.

File became or was corrupt when downloaded

When a file is downloaded (especially if the file is very large), it can become corrupt or bad. Try downloading the file again to verify that this is not the case. If the same issue occurs, contact the web administrator of the website verifying if the file is a known good file.


All files on Computer Hope's download section are tested and are known good files.