How to fix lower DVD quality on TV versus a monitor

Updated: 07/13/2023 by Computer Hope

Excessively long cable

It is recommended that the cable connecting the DVD (digital versatile disc) player to the TV not be excessively long as this can cause video distortion. It is recommended that a DVD cable be 1 to 2 meters in length.

Electric magnetic interference

If other devices or cables are near the DVD cable, EMI (electromagnetic interference) can cause video distortion. Verify that no other cables are around the DVD cable and that all devices that are not being used are turned off.

Not connected directly to the TV

If you are connecting the DVD player through the VCR (video cassette recorder) or another device, the video quality decreases slightly. If possible, connect the DVD directly to the TV.

Bad DVD or hardware

If the video quality is extremely poor or cannot be read, the DVD may be bad or the DVD player is an old player. First, verify if this DVD works in another stand-alone DVD player. If the DVD works in another stand-alone player, it's likely that the DVD player you are utilizing may be an early revision incapable of playing the DVD.

If the DVD works in the computer but doesn't work in a stand-alone player, the DVD is likely bad or was created improperly.