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Two lines intersecting at the center of a circle.

Alternatively referred to as middle or centre, the center is the position that's horizontally or vertically aligned with the middle of an object. In computing, the term "center" is frequently used to describe text that is horizontally in the middle of a line. However, the term "middle" may describe text that's in the middle of a page both horizontally and vertically. The following example shows text that is centered horizontally.

Example of Centered Text


When text is highlighted, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E can be used in many text editors, word processors, and spreadsheets to center text.

How to center in a text file


With a plain text file, you cannot center text because plain text files cannot be formatted.

When editing a rich text file in Microsoft Word or another rich text editor, you can usually center text using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E. You may also click the center alignment icon, as shown in the picture.

Microsoft Word toolbar with center

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