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Alternatively referred to as middle or centre, the center relates to a position that is horizontally or vertically aligned with an object, as the middle of the screen or line in a paragraph. In computing, the term "center" is generally used to describe text that is horizontally in the middle of a line. However, the term "middle" may be used to describe text that is in the middle of a page both horizontally and vertically. The following example shows text that has been centered horizontally.

Example of Centered Text

Tip: When text is highlighted, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E can be used in many text editors, word processors, and spreadsheets to center text.

How to center in a text file

Note: With a plain text file you cannot center text because plain text files cannot be formatted.

When editing a rich text file in Microsoft Word or another rich text editor, you can usually center text using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E. You may also click the center alignment icon, as shown in the picture.

Microsoft Word toolbar with center

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