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epic definition

Epic may refer to any of the following:

1. Short for Electronic Privacy Information Center, EPIC was established in 1994 by David Banisar, Marc Rotenberg, and David Sobel as a public interest group. Centered in Washington D.C., it draws attention to the emerging civil liberties issues and privacy protection, the First Amendment, and constitutional values in the information age. EPIC works on all this by utilizing privacy research, public education, litigation, and publications. At times, the group has been criticized for taking an extreme position on privacy matters.

EPIC's website is located at epic.org. It makes available publications such as "Privacy and Human Rights," "Litigation Under the Federal Open Government Laws," "The Privacy Law Sourcebook," and "The Consumer Law Sourcebook." The group, a non-profit public charity, receives funding from the sale of these publications, as well as from donations and grants.

2. An epic item in a game is an item that is extremely rare. For example, one in a million.

3. Term used to describe something that's extraordinary or out of the norm. For example, in gaming someone may describe a post made by another person as an "epic fail," which is another way of saying it's an amazing failure or extremely bad.

4. Epic can be a short name used to describe the Epic games company.

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