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GraffitiGraffiti is a type of writing used on the Palm OS platform that allows users to write into their PalmPilot and licensed by Apple for their Newton. In the picture is an example of the Graffiti writing scheme.

As can be seen in the picture, to create a letter "a" you would start at the bottom left and draw a line up and then down (similar to an arrow) or an "A" without the middle line. To input multiple characters the user would have to memorize and draw each letter they wanted to enter. At the bottom of the chart shows how a space, backspace, carriage return, and period could also be created.

At the time of its invention, Graffiti was a revolutionary method of getting text into a device and was much easier than lugging around a laptop at the time. Today, Graffiti is no longer used, and anyone who has grown up with a smartphone or another touchscreen device may find it impossible to imagine writing out each character they want to type.

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